About the company

Through its divisions, the Czech energy concern IVORY Group combines generation of heat and electricity from renewable sources with production and certified distribution of high-quality wood pellets, briquets and other solid fuels. Because we put our faith into a system of sustainability, we provide to customers effective and economical solutions that reduce the impacts of their activities on the environment.

We finance, construct and operate heat sources that primarily use wood biomass, particularly wood pellets, as well as gas. The annual volume of supplied heat reaches 100,000 GJ. We operate dozens of boiler facilities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Poland, thus providing heat to thousands of households, hospitals, schools, seniors’ homes and whole towns.

We are involved in specialised distribution of fuels, especially wood pellets, briquets and packaged coal. We are the biggest domestic certified pellet supplier. We annually deliver nearly 20,000 tonnes of pellets to end customers in the Czech Republic and in the Austrian, Slovak and German borderlands. Our market share in the Czech Republic is approximately 25%.

We produce wood pellets under our own IVORY PELLETS brand with ENplus A1 certification. The quality of these pellets has also been recognised by the consumer magazine dTest.

We export IVORY PELLETS to EU markets (Italy, Austria, Germany).

We use the potential of biomass also for generating electricity by means of biomass-powered equipment for electricity and heat generation.

Our objective is to provide highly professional and comprehensive services to both small and large customers with the use of a renewable, local and climate-neutral source of energy – wood biomass.


Petr Mach,

Chairman of the Board of Directors