CDP IVORY – specialist in fuel distribution

CDP Ivory focuses on conveniently supplying wood pellets, briquets and packaged coal for professional operators of heat sources, as well as for households.

The history of CDP Ivory dates back to 2007. We are the biggest specialised and certified supplier of wood fuels in the Czech Republic. Thanks to our first-class handling technology and ever expanding vehicle fleet, we annually sell and deliver nearly 20,000 tonnes of fuel. Mainly end customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Austria are the most important for us. In 2013, we became a holder of the highest European certificate of quality, ENplus, and a year later we introduced our own IVORY Pellets brand to the market. We are building the brand on the foundation of the quality of delivery and a unique logistics system, thanks to which it is possible to deliver fuel directly to cellars, technical rooms and boiler facilities. All of this is done using modern freight vehicles equipped with Moffett field forklifts and tanks with precision digital scales. Seventy-five percent of customers using our products are family-house owners, 15% comprise firms and 10% comprise the state administration. Our biggest customers include professional operators of biomass heat sources and organisations providing healthcare, accommodation and social services.