Ivory Energy - Professional deliveries of thermal energy

The joint-stock company IVORY Energy specialises in management of heat generation units for both small and large customers. The company holds licenses awarded by the Energy Regulatory Authority and the Regulatory Office for Network Industries for generation and distribution of heat in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We have been operating our own decentralised system of heating plants since 2012. The system currently comprises more than 50 heat sources with consolidated output in excess of 15 MW. Our boiler facilities primarily use renewable sources, particularly wood pellets. We are convinced that wood pellets are the best answer to the ever increasing need to protect the environment and to reduce the economic cost of heat generation.

We offer customers comprehensive heating management solutions from A to Z. We are not a manufacturer or seller of biomass boilers. Rather, we are specialists in optimisation of heat generation. At no cost, we conduct analyses of heating systems and project design, and we construct local boiler facilities and provide 100% financing. We subsequently operate the facilities, which we remotely monitor and control, while also ensuring deliveries of fuel.

We cooperate primarily with the state administration ensuring the running of schools, social and health services institutions, municipal authorities, seniors’ homes, hospitals and central heat-supply systems. However, we also provide heat to more than one thousand Czech households living in apartment buildings.

Case studies:


Municipality of Kovářská

CHS refurbishment

Heat generation: 14,000 GJ

Size of the source: 1MW (wood pellets)

Čachovice Elementary School

Replacement of the LHO source with two wood biomass boilers

Heat generation: 1,000 GJ

Size of source: 202 kW (wood pellets)

Solenice apartment buildings

Installation of wood biomass boilers

Heat generation: 1,600 GJ

Size of source: 2x50 kW (wood pellets)


Municipality of Zátor

Replacement of old boiler facilities with a modern container solution powered by wood biomass

Heat generation: 1,500 GJ

Size of source: 250 kW (wood pellets)