We innovate the use of cogeneration units and ensure energy self-sufficiency

IVORY Power, the youngest division in the IVORY Group, is focused on innovative solutions in the area of combined generation of electricity and heat by means of cogeneration units primarily burning wood pellets. Technologies based on wood gas are known mainly from the post-war period, when people had to be very inventive due to the lack of motor fuels in order to preserve their mobility. Today, wood has been replaced by a modern, ecological and logistically sensible fuel – wood pellets with ENplus A1 Certification. With its clearly defined parameters of water content, ash, size and melting point, this fuel enables a very homogenous gasification process and thus optimum and longer operation of the equipment. Wood pellets are a renewable, local and climate-neutral source of energy that is ideal for decentralised generation of heat and, with cogeneration units, electricity for industrial enterprises and institutions with high heat consumption, such as hospitals, wellness hotels, swimming pools, etc.